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Jamie Rigg


Aimee Francis

Jamie has always been a keen wordsmith, but it wasn’t until after a degree in biology that he found his way into the wild world of copywriting. Before coming to Writing Club, he did a stint in pharmaceutical journalism, penned pithy product reviews, and worked freelance for BT.

For Jamie, the creative camaraderie sets Writing Club apart from anywhere else he’s worked. Here, everyone pools their skills to make a piece of work the very best it can be. There’s no ego, no agenda – just everyone pushing each other to become better writers. Words are the whole sha-bang, not just another piece of a creative puzzle, and the entire team is devoted to the craft. And that’s why clients value our perspective.

Jamie loves working on real-world problem-solving comms for clients like British Gas or flexing his conceptual muscles on naming jobs. One of his writing highlights has been crafting Tone of Voice guidelines for Guild E sports – a brand he’s passionate about.

When he isn’t at his desk, you can find Jamie geeking out over grammar, devouring dystopian fiction or winning at Wordle. He dreams of one day creating an absolutely bonkers perfume ad. For Jamie, the pinnacle of good writing moves you and spurs you into action.