Jack StarksJack Starks

Jack Starks


Ed Sowerby

Jack is our creative commander-in-chief, responsible for driving the creative standards here at Writing Club.

He’s worked as a copywriter in agencies and for clients around the world. He was head of language then head of advertising at Orange. He was also a client director at Fallon before coming back to his true calling, as a writer, back in 2012.

One of the reasons Jack and I started Writing Club was because we both believed (and still do) that writers thrive on support from other writers. Jack supports the creative team here at Writing Club, and it makes such a difference.

When he is on the tools, Jack is a creative in the proper sense of the word, in that he quietly uses creativity to solve nurdly problems. His words have featured everywhere from gin bottles to F1 circuits to the big screens on Times Square.

When not steering Writing Club, he’s often riding his motorbike. His surfing is improving. He’s also probably got a camper van for sale.