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Dan Nixon


Jack Wells

Some writers can conjure up big, brilliant ideas on demand. Others can keep a brand tone of voice on track, one comma at a time. Some writers are great at explaining complicated things. But it’s rare to find someone who can do all three – and even rarer for that person to be nice about it. But Dan Nixon is a rare beast.

Since he joined us in 2020, Dan's been coming up with ideas I wish I’d had myself for the likes of Virgin, EE, BT, Formula One, Currys and many more. His tone of voice workshops have become legendary, and he’s taking care of the next generation of writing talent with Writing Club’s New Writers Programme.

Dan started his writing career at Phones 4u, before going on to become head of content at Cube3 in Manchester. But his fascinating backstory also includes being a musician, a gig promoter and a butcher. He has played Glastonbury, given the Jackass star Steve O a lift to the Stoke-on-Trent Travelodge, and filleted a thousand sides of prime beef.

These days Dan’s studying for an MA in poetry, and you can still spot him playing occasional gigs around the Manchester area. If you’re lucky.