If you’ve ever sent money overseas, it probably got there on Swift. Every day, trillions of dollars flow through its system, helping banks, businesses and people all over the world pay and get paid.

Until recently, that was about as much as most people knew about Swift. It went on working in the background, moving money around the world without making much noise. They didn’t advertise, because they didn’t need to.

Now Swift have bigger plans. They have a vision to change payments, making them instant, frictionless and more secure than ever, so that global business can be open to more people. They’ve launched new products and services to help do that. And they’re ready to tell the world about it.

We wrote this campaign to help them do that, with a big online launch and an outdoor advertising campaign in Amsterdam and Singapore.

How did better words make better work?

With bold new products and a proactive new storytelling approach, Swift isn’t quietly working in the background anymore. Campaigns like this are helping them point the global financial community in brave new directions.

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