Pret has never launched a loyalty scheme before. But as Britain tentatively started to recover from the pandemic, Pret got creative about inspiring people back into their shops. They just needed a way of doing that without sacrificing their premium appeal.

They asked us to help make their loyalty scheme feel true to the brand’s tone: British, friendly, witty – and never too salesy. They wanted to continue the experience they’ve worked hard to build in their shops into the digital realm.

We worked with the team to help land the name, and then wrote messaging guides, scripts and customer communications for the whole project.

Then we sat down with Pret’s content designers to write the copy for all Pret Perks online journeys, creating a user experience that kept the brand’s tone alive without sacrificing simplicity.

How did better words make better work?

Pret’s post-pandemic recovery has been one of the most impressive British business stories of the last few years.

After some very challenging years, innovative projects like this helped them bounce back stronger than ever – without compromising on the brand voice that made them special in the first place.  

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