Merlin Entertainment

Merlin Entertainment is one of the biggest theme park operators in the world, welcoming over 60 million guests to their sites every year. One of their most popular attractions in Germany is Heide Park, a sprawling resort situated on the edge of a forest that features some of the country’s most iconic rollercoasters.

The park has evolved a lot of the years as new lands have been added and new characters introduced. However, with Heide Park looking to become Germany’s “biggest twist on adventure”, they needed some help to ensure ideas, narratives and design concepts were aligned to a singular, cohesive, creative vision.

To that end, we came on board to write their first ever brand book. We visited the park to breathe it all in, ride some rollercoasters and take part in various branding workshops. We then set to work writing what we named “The Twistify Toolkit.” In it we fleshed out the origin story for the park and created narratives for all the different worlds. And with the help of the design team, we created a set of practical guidelines on how to develop these worlds while remaining true to a clear overarching identity.

How did better words make better work?

The Twistify Toolkit is being used on a daily basis,both by the marketing department at Heide Park, as well as external designersand creatives involved in new projects. We have since begun working on brandbooks for some of Merlin’s other theme parks.

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