Tottenham Hotspur

There are few organisations that come more loaded with meaning than football clubs. A modern team represents a set of values, a history, a way of doing things, a geographical location, a tribe that you can belong to anywhere, and much more, to a global audience of millions. So the way they speak and write really matters.  

Tottenham Hotspur were sharpening up their brand when they invited us to help with their tone of voice. They had already done a lot of work on their brand values and personality.  They asked us to translate that into a way of writing – with linguistic rules and approaches that could be shared with lots of writers working in different mediums.

We set to work defining a voice that could be adapted for lots of mediums, and creating guidelines and examples that could be shared with anyone writing for the team.

How did better words make better work?

Spurs have been using this voice to shape their writing all season, helping bring more of their brand personality and values to everything from HR policy handbooks to club social media announcements.

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