The way we watch TV has changed a lot in the last 15 years.

When the major channels first launched their online services, they were essentially websites, a sideshow to the main product: the traditional, scheduled, on-your-telly channel.

Because of that, their names tended to emphasise the big new benefits: now you could watch TV on the internet! You could choose when you watched your favourite shows! They were called things like 4OD, 5Online and iPlayer.

Now of course, most of our TV watching comes through smart TV or iPad apps, and these online hubs have become the main way in. We take the online part of this for granted. Which might explain why those original names have started to feel dated.

Which is why, in 2022, ITV asked us for help renaming their ITV Hub. They had a growing number of channels and a need to reach a younger audience, and so were looking for something modern that would work as an umbrella over all their other channels.  

We knew that this name should feel big, confident and immediate. It needed to hold its own alongside rivals like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. In the end, the answer was a single letter: ITV X.

What is X? It’s the unknown quantity. It’s whatever number you need it to be. It’s more than you know.

The new name was paired with a bold new look and launched in 2023.

How did better words make better work?

In the first quarter of 2023, after the launch of ITV X, overall streaming hours rose by 49%, with a quarter of that being consumed by the hard-to-reach 16-34 age group.

And awareness of the ITV X brand rose to 85% among UK adults.

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