Guild Esports

Competitive gaming is big business. The esports industry is booming. And though Guild Esports are one of its newer entrants, having been founded in 2020, they’re already sharing stages with some of gaming’s most storied organisations.  

Rather than existing to emulate their newfound peers, Guild are charting their own path. Sure, they hope to field trophy-lifting teams, attract top talent and lucrative sponsorships. But their mission is to use the reach and reputation that comes with success to change gaming culture for the better.

Guild’s actions were already speaking volumes, so when they approached us to define their tone of voice, we had a powerful brand identity to guide us. Guild just needed help putting that into words. And we did, creating a simple, foundational tone of voice to complement and expand upon their core brand values.

Guild speaks to many different audiences across many different channels, and we defined their tone with this in mind – creating an easy-to-follow set of principles for anyone to sound Guild, feel Guild, and most importantly, express Guild’s greater purpose in everything they say.

How did better words make better work?

Armed with their new tone of voice, Guild can be confident and consistent in all their communications. And allow everyone across the organisation – from marketing execs to academy mentors to talent – to be better brand ambassadors. Guild has a unique mission, and being able to broadcast that effectively is more grease in the wheels to driving change.  

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