EE Phone Plans

Tiered naming systems can be tricky.

When you’ve got a choice of layers of a product, service or subscription to offer, how do show the difference between each one? How do you make it clear that there’s an increasing level of quality without making the lower ranking ones seem bad?

You can simply number them, or use some other functional approach. But when considering their phone plans, EE wanted names that helped bring their brand personality to life, too.

The plans came in three levels, which have different levels of service and speed; a basic one, a more advanced one, and an all-bells-and-whistles one. The challenge was to give them names that were all positive, clear to understand, and expressive of the brand’s distinctive tone of voice.

We talked to teams, visited stores and held exploration sessions and brainstorms to get to the right results. In the end, we landed on three names that feel just the right amount of playful, distinctively British, thoroughly positive, and very EE:

How did better words make better work?

EE liked this naming system so much that they rolled it out to their broadband plans, too. Where there had been multiple layers of multiple products, EE now have a clear, characterful structure that makes it easier to choose them.

You can find EE’s phone plans online and in all their stores.

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