EE Guides

EE came to us in 2021 for help with a new name for their service team. It’s not a brand-new idea: Apple has Geniuses, Disney has Imagineers, Nando’s has Nandocas – EE wanted their own version to bring their brand to life.

We were looking for a name that would embody EE’s new brand promise: to inspire and free the innovator in everyone. With a big brand relaunch underway, EE wanted the quality of their service to become as fundamental to their brand identity as their products or network.

We worked with the network over a period of months, researching, brainstorming and creating longlists of possibilities. And working closely with stakeholders from all over the EE business, we found our way a great answer: from 2022, EE service staff would be known as EE Guides.

The shift is subtle but fundamental – rather than being salespeople or customer service operators, guides take you towards something, sharing their expertise with you.

And it puts EE’s people at the forefront, in what can sometimes be an impersonal industry.

How did better words make better work?

All EE shop teams and customer service operators became EE Guides. And it worked so well that it didn’t stop there: EE made all 15,000 of their staff into different kinds of Guide.

The message is that in the new EE, everyone works in customer service, not just those in traditional customer service roles. Everyone is a Guide.

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