As we approached winter 2022, National Grid began working with British Gas and other suppliers on a new flexible energy trial. The goal? To alleviate stress on the electricity grid at peak times, reducing the risk of blackouts and minimizing our reliance on burning fossil fuels to meet heightened demand.

But it was up to the energy suppliers to convince their customers to make changes to their everyday routines, shifting some of their electricity usage outside of the evening and weekend rushes. And so British Gas initially tasked us with bringing the scheme to life with a name. Something simple, snappy, and tangible in its meaning. That name was PeakSave.

Then the real work started – crafting websites, online journeys, and multi-channel consumer campaigns to recruit as many PeakSavers as possible. This meant not only effectively communicating the monetary incentives of taking part, but to help customers feel rewarded in other ways.

For making sure everyone had the energy they needed, for shaping a more responsible and responsive approach to energy, and for doing their bit for the planet.

Following the winter 2022 trial, PeakSave has expanded into a much broader British Gas flexible energy initiative. Including summer campaigns encouraging customers to make the most of clean, renewable energy when it’s most abundant.

We continue to work closely with British Gas on every aspect of the evolving PeakSave storyline, keeping customers aware, engaged, active and inspired.

How did better words make better work?

Both consumer and media interest in PeakSave has remained substantial. The first PeakSave Sunday campaign launched to 148,000 British Gas customers. Less than 24 hours later, more than 100,000 of those contacted had registered to take part.

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