The Writing Room Soundtrack

As you might have heard, we’ve got a room now. Having a proper headquarters has pros and cons. Con: we have to buy our own biscuits. Pro: we get full control over the snack table. Con: we’ve had to learn how the printer works. Big Pro: we get to choose what’s on the stereo.

And so, drunk with power, we’ve made a playlist that we think sets the perfect tone for writing. The music that makes it onto here has to walk a tricky line: It’s word-free, but not boring. It’s calm, but it’s not listless. It has beats that keep you ticking over nicely without having to get out of your seat. And there are full albums, so you can get into a flow.

We think we’ve cracked it, and this music will make your emails at least 75% more effective. But see what you think.