I’ve got UX under my skin

Jack W

One of the advantages of the way we work is that it gets us into all sorts of different spaces with all sorts of different people.

This week I’ve been with a tech start-up, writing micro copy for a new football app. It’s meant getting deep into UX charts, wireframes and flow diagrams with web developers and designers, thinking about the best things to say to people at every stop along the way.


There’s something in the digital people’s approach to design that’s helpful for all sorts of writing. Everything is seen as a step along the journey – it all sits in the context of everything that has already been said and done. Nothing stands alone.  

When you’re writing for an audience, you’re always asking questions about them. How much do they already know about what you’re talking about? What have they experienced of it up until this point? What ideas and feelings did you give them along the way? With UX, it’s all right there, mapped out.

 Maybe we need more of that. If we all understood everything in terms of some great real-life user experience diagram, maybe we’d stop working in isolation. We’d stop boring people by saying too much or mystifying them by not saying enough.

What I’m saying is, it’s all a journey, man.

So why write novels when we should be writing signposts?