Unboxing possibility in Shepherd’s Bush

Tam R

At Writing Club, one of the things we’re best at is getting stuck into our client’s offices. We’re a mobile bunch, ready to up sticks and settle down wherever there’s space for us. For some, we’re already part of the furniture, for others, we’re limited-time-only desk buddies.

I’m becoming a regular fixture at recipe box company Gousto, whose current TV and tube ads are exciting a nation of food fanatics. Every week their in house team crafts 30 brand new recipes, ready to send out to rapidly growing customer base.

My arrival is well timed – as one of the UK’s fastest growing businesses, they’ve just moved into a new office. It’s got hanging plants, an ultra dynamic coffee machine, and is packed full of developers who make UX look like an art form. There’s always at least three languages being spoken at once, which puts into perspective the way I grapple with one.

Copy jobs have been as varied as you’d imagine, food being a deliciously volatile subject matter. There’ve been tight turnarounds on managing mustard and practicalities with prawns, and there’s plenty of exciting Christmas chat too.


It’s all very mouthwatering being here, but what’s been learned in three weeks? It’s been a while since I’ve had a regular Monday-Friday, but being back on the daily has been a welcome re-immersion into office life.

There’s a lot to take in at Gousto, because making sure their customers are cooking up delicious meals is a mere slice of the lettuce. There’s making sure recipes are easy to read, clearing allergy information and getting the checkout process as smooth as possible. It’s an all bodies on deck operation, and a daily reminder that with all great products come all great (and hardworking) people.

Watching the buzz people get from a great incentive is a pleasurable thing to behold. When I’m working remotely, I can set up the world’s best office in my kitchen. But (from time to time), it’s nice to be amongst the many, to throw ideas around in person and, if nothing else, to sample a sneaky peek of a new recipe.