Getting the best of Callum: The Writing Club Surf Club Surf Trip® 2018

Club Notice regulars will know that the WCSCST® is a fixed feature of the Writing Club calendar. Surfing is to us what bullfighting was to Ernest Hemmingway: a way to prove that we’re not just wussy writers. Oh no. We are people of the deep. Ocean goers. Wetsuit wearers. Riders of the ridges of the raging seas.


 So when we heard that Storm Callum was making his way down to Cornwall, we raced on the Paddington-Penzance train to meet him there, boards in hand. No meteorological event was going to stop us from getting our kicks, no matter what his name was. We were ready to conquer.

As it turned out, the wind was blowing in the wrong direction and the waves were mostly actually quite small. And that was fine. We had a lovely time. Great hot tub. Wonderful bar.